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Mister Ed Horse Talk (TV-G) Wilbur and Ed agree to help a local old handy man when he is wrongfully accused of drugging a horse before it was to compete in a big race.
I Love Lucy Lucy and the Loving Cup (TV-PG) Ricky expresses his disapproval of Lucy's flashy new hat, so she tries on another a "Loving Cup", but she is unable to remove it from her head.
The Brady Bunch And Now a Word from Our Sponsor (TV-PG) Carol and the kids meet a television commercial director at the grocery store and he wants them all to appear in his new commercial for laundry detergent.
Petticoat Junction Race Against the Stork (TV-G) When Kate's pregnant friend stays at the Shady Rest, Uncle Joe becomes nervous and plans for quickly getting a doctor to the hotel for the baby's arrival.
The Beverly Hillbillies Silver Dollar City Fair (TV-G) Granny and Everna Bradshaw get into a heated argument at the fair about who can find a man first, and Granny tries to use the contests to boost Elly May.
The Beverly Hillbillies Jane Finds Elly a Man (TV-G) Elly enters a cake baking contest back home, and Jethro and Jane join her and Granny in the Hills; Jane thinks she's found the perfect man for Elly.
King of the Hill I Don't Want to Wait For Our Lives... (TV-14) When Joseph hits puberty and grows six inches, Bobby feels like a little kid and Joseph feels awkward; Hank builds coffins for himself and Peggy.
King of the Hill The Son Also Roses (TV-14) Bobby decides that he would rather grow roses than be on the football team and reveals to Hank that he could win competitions for his hobby.
Cheaters Stacy Hammond, Ernest Ruiz (Repeat, TV-14) Television personality Joey Greco has his camera crew follow around a woman's boyfriend, who he feels is spending her time with other men and cheating on him.
Cops Reloaded (HD, TV-14) Cops pursue a stolen vehicle driven by a parolee at large, which ends in an accident; traffic stop of a vehicle with expired registration.
The Steve Wilkos Show Why Does Your Mom Hate Me? (Repeat, TV-14) A man's mother claims that her son isn't the father of his partner's baby; a woman suspects her boyfriend is cheating on her again.
Mork & Mindy Stark Raving Mork (TV-G) Mork decides that fighting with Mindy will keep their relationship exciting, especially when he learns about kissing and making up.
Mork & Mindy Mork's Baby Blues (TV-G) Mork visits a New York Deli carrying play money from a Monopoly game and leads a gold-digging customer to believe that he's loaded.
Bewitched Solid Gold Mother-in-Law (TV-G) Darrin's newest client is a man who has strong beliefs about family values, and he mistakenly gets the impression that Darrin adores his mother-in-law.
Bewitched My! What Big Ears You Have (TV-G) When Darrin tries to secretly order a rocking chair for Samantha, Endora misunderstands the situation and thinks he is cheating on Samantha.
I Dream of Jeannie Please Don't Feed the Astronauts (TV-G) Tony and Roger take part in a survival training course designed to see if they can survive on very little to eat, but Jeannie provides a tasty meal.
I Dream of Jeannie My Master, the Ghostbreaker (TV-G) Tony, Roger and Jeannie travel to England to visit the old mansion that Tony inherited, but while spending the night they discover that the mansion is haunted.
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