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C.H.i.P's Day of the Robot (TV-PG) A robot that is sent to headquarters to improve efficiency causes serious problems; a group of female motorcycle riders organizes a civilian crime-watch unit.
Mama's Family Cat's Meow (TV-PG) Iola is heartbroken when her beloved pet cat dies, and being unable to let go of the animal, she has him freeze-dried in order to cope with her loss.
Mama's Family The Love Letter (TV-PG) After Naomi gives Vint and Bubba a love test from a magazine, a love letter is passed around and has everyone thinking it was written for them.
M*A*S*H The Abduction of Margaret Houlihan (TV-PG) Colonel Flagg is called in to investigate Margaret's disappearance from camp after rumors that North Korean prisoners were released in the area.
M*A*S*H Dear Sigmund (TV-PG) A downtrodden Sidney Freedman decides to write a letter to Sigmund Freud, while the rest of the camp becomes the victim of a mysterious prankster.
King of the Hill Gone with the Windstorm (TV-14) Nancy puts her life on the line to "out weather" Channel 84's new meteorologist; Hank intervenes when a bully terrorizes Bobby at school.
The Cleveland Show Fist and the Furious (HD, TV-14) Cleveland attempts to befriend a lonesome doctor, only to find out his new friend used to work for the mob; Rallo and Junior open up a food truck at school.
American Dad! Franny 911 (HD, TV-14) Roger questions how he treats people after Stan fails to ransom him from a fake kidnapping, but when he starts acting nicer he places his health in jeopardy.
American Dad! Roger Passes the Bar (HD, TV-14) An attractive new next-door neighbor offers to take the virginity of Steve and his friends in exchange for them doing work around her house.
Family Guy Brian the Closer (HD, TV-14) Brian has cosmetic surgery and this leads him to seek a new career as a real estate agent, and unfortunately he ends getting in trouble with Quagmire.
Family Guy No Meals on Wheels (TV-14) The Griffins' new restaurant has a hard time attracting customers, but they soon find themselves serving a new demographic when Joe lends a hand.
Mork & Mindy P.S. 2001 (TV-G) Mearth is sent to school on Ork and comes home crying that the other kids make fun of him and the teacher hates him, so Mork and Mindy decide to help out.
Mork & Mindy Pajama Game, Part 2 (TV-G) Mork and Mindy allow Mearth to invite some of his Orkan classmates to a sleepover, not realizing that this includes his female friend Zelka.
Sanford and Son The Surprise Party (TV-PG) In anticipation of Fred's return home from St. Louis, Lamont, Grady and the rest of his friends throw him a big party to celebrate his coming home.
Sanford and Son Matchmaker, Matchmaker (TV-PG) Lamont's Uncle George dies and leaves him $7,000 in his will, but he may only collect the money if he weds & has a child to name George.
Good Times Florida Gets a Job (TV-PG) Florida and J.J. are having no luck in the job market; Florida applies to be a bus driver but has to compete with Alderman Davis' relative.
Good Times Stomach Mumps (TV-PG) When Penny's 13-year-old friend becomes pregnant, Willona refuses to broach the topic of sex with her daughter on the grounds that she is too young to know.
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