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« Diagnosis Murder The Restless Remains (TV-PG) A fundraiser dies while visiting the Sloans, but when the paramedics arrive, the body is missing, leading investigators to believe it was a hallucination.
The Big Valley Boots with My Father's Name (TV-PG) Overcome with memories about Tom and questions about his past, Victoria travels to Heath's birthplace in order to find out more about the affair with Leah.
Gunsmoke The Lady (TV-PG) A woman decides to travel to San Francisco with her niece after losing her fortune, but she is forced to stay in Dodge after losing her travel funds.
Bonanza The Rattlesnake Brigade (TV-G) Prison wagon escapees, the Doyle gang, abduct Jamie and three of his friends after church to use as hostages with safe passage to Mexico as the ransom price.
« Jerry Springer Honey, I'm Gay for Pay (TV-14) A pair of men who worked in adult entertainment want to come clean to their unknowing girlfriends; a woman kicks her unfaithful boyfriend out.
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Judge Alex Solis-Gutierrez/ Lau vs. Lao (HD, TV-PG) A couple is suing a former roommate for unpaid rent and utilities, but the former roommates claims he was forced to move out and doesn't owe money.
McHale's Navy Beauty and the Beast (TV-PG) After an arrogant professional photo journalist is sent to document their daily patrols, McHale and his crew attempt to get rid of her.
Father Knows Best Short Wave (TV-G) Bud is enthused that his short-wave radio can pick up signals from all over the world, but doesn't know what to do when he hears a distress call from a ship.
Father Knows Best Carnival (TV-G) Bud becomes a carny after losing a great deal of money at the carnival, but he learns that not everyone on the carnival circuit is of sterling character.
Leave It to Beaver My Brother's Girl (TV-G) Wally thinks that he hates girls so he wants to attend the school dance with Eddie Haskell.
Leave It to Beaver Next Door Indians (TV-G) Beaver wants to make an impression on the neighborhood kids and tells a tall tale about an Indian attack.
One Day at a Time The Broken Nose (TV-PG) Schneider accidentally hits Barbara when she gets in the way of an opening door and injures her nose, leaving her to deal with her marred physical appearance.
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