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The Brady Bunch Ghost Town USA (TV-PG) The Bradys and Alice go on a road trip together to the Grand Canyon with a stop at a ghost town that turns out to be a detour; they meet a deranged prospector.
The Brady Bunch Grand Canyon or Bust (TV-PG) Still jailed by a deranged prospector in a ghost town, the family must come up with a way to escape and continue in their trek to the Grand Canyon.
The Brady Bunch The Brady Braves (TV-PG) Mike Brady meets a young Native-Americans grandfather, who is very traditional and is discouraging of the young mans career aspirations.
Gilligan's Island Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up (TV-G) Mr. Howell discovers his identity has been stolen after he hears a radio report saying that he has been rescued and has gone on a shopping extravaganza.
Gilligan's Island Allergy Time (TV-G) The Skipper constantly sneezes and itches whenever he is near Gilligan, but the elixir administered by the Professor does little to relieve his symptoms.
Happy Days White Christmas (TV-G) When a blizzard hits town, Joanie and Howard get stuck at the hardware store and Fonzie, Potsie, Chachi, Jenny and Roger are unable to leave Arnold's.
Seinfeld The Pledge Drive (HD, TV-PG) In an effort to please his new girlfriend, Jerry agrees to host a pledge drive for PBS; George is convinced that a waitress keeps giving him the finger.
The King of Queens Flower Power (HD, TV-PG) Carrie feels jealous when a coworker gets flowers and accuses Doug of not being romantic so Doug overwhelms her with romantic gestures at work.
The King of Queens Fatty McButterpants (HD, TV-PG) Doug becomes outraged when he finds out Carrie has been buying his clothes at the "Big and Tall" shop, but soon realizes he may have a problem with his weight.
Rules of Engagement Hard Day's Night (HD, TV-14) Jeff becomes embarrassed when an issue comes up during a massage given by Jennifer, and Russell is bullied while trying to hit on a teacher.
Rules of Engagement Kids (HD, TV-14) Adam and Jennifer's romantic weekend getaway may be ruined after a fight begins; Jeff and Audry "talk baby"; Russell has plans for an older woman.
Rookie Blue Best Laid Plans (HD, TV-14) Andy and Swarek encounter a terrible accident with a woman trapped in her car while pursuing a kidnapper; Chris and Dov quarrel over an indiscretion with Gail.
The Partridge Family A Knight in Shining Armor (TV-G) The family meets a composer who is looking for somebody to write lyrics to his music, so they introduce him to a poet who can help him write songs.
Small Wonder Come Fly with Me (TV-G) In need of a ride, Brandon bribes the Lawsons' company to fly him out to a company job on a plane; on the way to his destination, his plane is hijacked.
Small Wonder The Sheik (TV-G) Ted is desperate to keep his companys presence in an Arab country, and agrees to let a visiting young ruler draft Vicki into is harem.
Mr. Belvedere Fall Guy (TV-G) When George, Marsha and Mr. Belvedere all go out to the opera, Wesley is left at home all alone; Kevin ruins Marsha's "Home Sweet Alabama" pillow.
Mr. Belvedere G.I. George (TV-G) When Wesley has to find someone to speak in front of his class about something they lived through, he volunteers George to tell his Korean War stories.
All in the Family Archie's Bitter Pill (TV-PG) Archie is exhausted from working at the bar and is worried that his business won't succeed, so he begins taking little white pills to feel better.
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