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Mama's Family Many Unhappy Returns (TV-PG) Mama finds an expensive diamond bracelet and assumes it is a birthday present from Vint, but the bracelet is actually a gift for someone else.
M*A*S*H 5 O'Clock Charlie (TV-PG) An inept North Korean pilot flies in to make his daily attempt to bomb the ammo dump, infuriating Frank to the point of making him request an anti-aircraft gun.
M*A*S*H Radar's Report (TV-PG) Hawkeye begins working on a wounded prisoner, but when he grabs a scalpel and starts attacking the doctors, the whole crew is put into serious danger.
Mayberry R.F.D. Howard The Dream Spinner (TV-G) Howard becomes the host of a local literary television show, and he becomes attached to an anonymous girl named Melissa, but she is not real.
Mayberry R.F.D. Millie's Egg Farm (TV-G) Millie decides to start up an egg farm and buys all the equipment, but all does not go well and she soon learns that chicken farming is very hard work.
Happy Days The Apartment (TV-G) Seeking independence, Richie, Potsie and Ralph decide to pool all their money together and rent out a run-down apartment of their very own.
American Dad! Stan's Night Out (HD, TV-14) Stan finds himself in a variety of compromising situations while spending a night out with the guys; Roger and Hayley try to attract a frat boy.
Family Guy Grimm Job (HD, TV-14) The quaint town of Quahog gets a spin as the Griffins get sucked into the tales of "Jack and the Beanstalk," "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Cinderella."
Family Guy Be Careful What You Fish For (HD, TV-14) When Peter tries to salvage a sunken Mercedes, he promises a favor to a dolphin, but when he outstays his welcome at Peter's, he moves into Cleveland's house.
The Flash Fast Lane (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Barry and Wells work together to close the breaches, but end up distracted by Tar Pit, a meta-human with the ability to turn into liquid asphalt.
MADtv (HD, New, TV-14) An ensemble cast of comedic actors do scathing sketches to poke fun at Hollywood icons and pop culture while also spotlighting several of their own characters.
Sanford and Son The Olympics (TV-PG) After some confusion over his date with Donna, Fred decides to enter the Senior Olympics to face Donna's other suitor to prove he is better than him.
Good Times The I.Q. Test (TV-PG) Michael, one of the smartest boys in his class, comes home with the news that he scored the lowest out of his whole class on an I.Q. test.
Good Times The Encyclopedia Hustle (TV-PG) The Evans family encounters a door-to-door salesman who claims he is blind and nearly purchases his product until a weary James arrives home from work.
The Jeffersons The List (TV-G) George remembers an old list of his goals that he wrote long ago after receiving a letter from an old friend and tries to complete the last goal.
The Jeffersons Who's the Fairest? (TV-G) George holds a beauty pageant for his stores, and Mr. Whittendale insists that his niece win the contest if George wants to renew his lease.
All in the Family Stretch Cunningham, Goodbye (TV-PG) At Edith's insistence, Archie reluctantly agrees to deliver a speech at the funeral of his longtime friend and coworker Stretch Cunningham.
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