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« The District Russian Winter (TV-14) Mannion finds out who killed Detective McGregor with a bomb that was meant for him, and confronts his arch-enemy, Russian mobster Dmitri Putin.
The District Twist of Hate (TV-14) Mannion deals with a threatened and vandalized mosque, and two other hate crimes, both involving a rabbi and an African-American.
The District This Too Shall Pass (TV-14) A wheelchaired man is suspected of a reporter's murder, but he claims the victim was already dead; Mannion attends his daughter's police academy graduation.
Star Trek Court-Martial (TV-PG) Kirk is put on trial for apparently jettisoning a member of his crew into space, and as the trial proceeds, it becomes clear that all is not as it seems.
Live PD: Police Patrol Live PD: Police Patrol #226 (HD, TV-14) Law enforcement officers respond to a domestic disturbance call in South Carolina; law enforcement officers participate in a drug bust in Missouri.
Bob's Burgers The Gayle Tales (HD, TV-PG) Linda's sister, Gayle, comes to bob's burgers because her date was cancelled and she had theatre tickets; the kids see an opportunity to escape the house.
Bob's Burgers L'il Hard Dad (HD, TV-PG) Bob is enthralled with his new automatic helicopter, but then it falls apart unexpectedly and Gene agrees to help Bob get his money back.
Family Guy Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows (HD, TV-PG) Brian is sentenced to community service following a drunk driving episode; Peter cares for three endangered nestlings living in his freshly-grown beard.
Family Guy Scammed Yankees (HD, TV-14) When Lois and her mother, Babs, go out for a relaxing spa day, Peter is stuck with entertaining Lois' father, Carter; the guys are duped by an email scam.
Charmed Sudden Death (HD, New, TV-PG) Maggie comes face to face with Parker, Mel and Harry expose a monstrous truth, and Macy requests help from Julian during a mission.
Texas Music Scene (TV-PG) Viewers are provided with a music showcase that focuses on Texas artists, including both the new up-and-comers as well as the legends that shaped the genre.
Benson (TV-PG) In order to help out her cousin, who is a Governor, a woman lends him her own butler who makes a great impression and is given a new job offer.
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Alice (TV-PG) After the death of her husband, a woman heads to Hollywood with her young son in order to follow her dream, but ends up working as a waitress in Phoenix.
The Unseen World Locations throughout the United States are visited to share information about museums, gardens, nature trails and other attractions that are not widely known.
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